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About the Conestoga Herb Guild

Our Mission

The purpose of the Conestoga Herb Guild is to learn the history, culture, and use of herbs through study, sharing and presentation.


Membership to the Conestoga Herb Guild is limited to sixty (60) persons.  A list of prospective members is kept and invitations to join the guild as a member is on a rolling basis in order of the prospect list.  Membership dues are $25 annually.  Members are required to attend a minimum of 4 meetings a year, participate, and support Guild events and functions through out the year.  Guild meetings occur on the second Wednesday of each month from March through December.  Guests are welcome to attend “Guests Welcome” programs.  These can be found on the Events page.  If you are interested in joining our guild, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page or email contact@conestogaherbguild.org.  

Our History

On October 21st 1982, twenty members from the Susquehanna Herb Guild convened to form the East Branch of the Susquehanna Herb Guild.  The group led by Maggie Keeler, met at the Folk Craft Center in Witmer, Lancaster County. The East Branch had their first official meeting the following month (November 1982) at the home of member Lois Weidman. 

In May of the following year (1983), the East Branch of the Susquehanna Herb Guild formally separate from the main guild to form the Conestoga Herb Guild.  Darlene Van Ormer is elected the first President of the newly formed guild.  The primary purpose was to study and share knowledge of herbs.  At the time, membership was capped at 30 persons.  In October of 1984, the Conestoga Herb Guild participated in Landis Valley Museum’s Harvest Day programs to carry out its purpose of educating and sharing knowledge of herbs to the public. 

In 1986, the guild started meeting in public locations instead of in member homes to accommodate growth within the Guild. That same year, the Guild published their first booklet, ‘Tips from the Herb Patch’. 

October of 2001 was the last year the Conestoga Herb Guild attended Harvest Days at Landis Valley Museum but the following year was the first Conestoga Herb Guild Herbal Harvest Faire held at member Betty Esbenshade’s Farm; a precursor to the annual Conestoga Herb Guild’s Herb Fest. 

2006 was the first year the Conestoga Herb Guild held its annual fundraiser at the Boettcher House, Lancaster County.  In the years since then the annual Herb Fest has been celebrated at the Boettcher House as well as in other locations. 

In 2020, as with many other organizations, Co-Vid forced our Guild to postpone meetings from April through December but we remained connected to our members through our newsletters and strong leadership.  In March of 2021, our group took its first steps to meet albeit through ZOOM.  Meetings soon resumed in person (from a distance) at West Lampeter Township Park and in September of 2021, we returned meeting indoors in our current location at 219 Walnut Hill Rd, Millersville with amazing support from the Millersville VFW. 

That same year, Herb Fest returned with a new larger home at the Millersville VFW.  Today we celebrate our 41st year as the Conestoga Herb Guild. 

Our Board of Directors

The Conestoga Herb Guild Board of Directors includes elected representatives of the membership. The board’s duty is to act on behalf of the membership to see that the mission of the organization, as stated in the by-laws, is carried out, and that the organization is financially sound.

  • President: Susan Atkins
  • Vice President: Deb Boas
  • Secretary: Deb Boas
  • Treasurer: Mary Lou Bucher
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